The Importance of Events

Have you ever wondered why Friends and other nonprofit organizations hold annual events? It may surprise you that the answer goes beyond the obvious one of helping to bring in much-needed donations. Read below to find out why attending our annual events, such as Wine, Whiskers and Wags; and Putting for Pets is the lifeline for the Friends organization.

Relationships are Key

Events provide you, our donors, supporters and partners, the opportunity to meet us–the Board of Directors, staff and volunteers that make up Friends; you also get to meet each other. Through personal interactions, we develop better relationships with one another, and are better able to respond to and meet the needs of the community.

Community is Important

Community is important to us. Additionally, events allow us to introduce you to our business ambassadors and sponsors–our lifesaving community. Have you ever wondered about the veterinarians, shelter staff, suppliers…who help Friends save and improve the lives of thousands of homeless pets each year? By attending a Friends event, you have the opportunity to meet some of these individuals and businesses that we rely on. Perhaps you have a business that can help us? Events serve as a great introduction to the Friends organization.

Successes Deserve Celebrations

Events also serve as a way to have fun with a purpose. Saving the lives of homeless pets is hard, emotional work. So, when the opportunity is right, we like to celebrate the lives we save. Events provide Friends a way to share our successes with our donors and supporters. Additionally, events allows you to bring a friend or family member to join in the fun and spread the good news of Friends work in Fairfax County.

Having a better understanding of why events are important to the Friends mission, we hope you will consider joining us or sponsoring our events in Clifton, Virgina, for our biggest events of 2019:

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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