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Thora’s Happy Heart

Thora had a rough start to life, but she made an incredible recovery thanks to the support of our pet loving community. Thora was born with ‘patent ductus arteriosus,’ abbreviated to ‘PDA,’ which basically means that a part of her heart that was supposed to close after she was born did not close. Thora would not be able to live for more than a year or two without a necessary surgery.Through Finnigan’s Fund, we were able to raise enough money for Thora to receive her surgery and shortly after, Thora was on the road to recovery.

Thora was adopted alongside her sister Tempe by their foster family. Thora and Tempe, nicknamed Wookie and Pudge, are extremely close and share their home with another older dog. Thora will continue to take medication to maintain her health, but now she will be able to live the long, fulfilling life that she deserves.

zoey animal


Zoey Zooming Through Life

This beautiful girl Zoey was surrendered to the Fairfax County Animal Shelter with a life-threatening intestinal blockage. Zoey still had a long life ahead of her, and we wanted to do everything possible to give that to her. Thanks to our supporters, Zoey received the surgery to remove this intestinal blockage that could have been fatal if left untreated. Zoey received her necessary surgery and found her forever home shortly after. She was able to get back to her normal routine and she now spends her afternoons making zoomies around the house, taking naps in between.

Angelica, Lizzie, and Will

Tripod Trio

These siblings were all born with a congenital defect causing irreparable issues with each one of their back legs. In order to give them a shot at a healthy life, Friends funded their leg amputations to eliminate further issues with these legs. These adorable kitties recovered well and have no problem getting around as tripods! Angelica, Lizzie, and Will found their forever homes within just a few hours of being on the adoption floor.


Cinnamon’s Sweet Success

Cinnamon was suffering from urinary blockages that could only be fixed through a surgery to correct is urinary tract. He was so sweet and lively; he just needed some help getting back on the healthy track!

Cinnamon was able to receive this corrective surgery with funding provided by Friends and no longer had to worry about any further urinary problems.


Cody’s Funky Feathers Fixed

Cody the Cockatoo arrived at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter with some funky looking feathers. He was losing his feathers for an unknown reason, so Friends stepped in to fund a feather analysis test to obtain a diagnosis. With the right tests performed and a husbandry plan in place, Cody was able to receive the right care to make a full recovery. Now he is ready to strut his stuff and dance the day away without worry of any bald spots!



Flash’s Medical Fears Forgotten

Flash was suffering from bladder stones and pinched nasal passages. Without this surgery, Flash would continue to have urinary blockages, which could become fatal. Friends helped Flash get his life back by funding his cystotomy, or the surgery to remove the bladder stones, and stenotic nares surgery to repair his nasal passages. Now Flash no longer needs to worry about painful bladder stones and he can smell (and breathe) better!


Pokey Finds Her Happy Place

Pokey was suffering from a broke front leg after jumping down from a tall surface.This darling gal was just a pup, so the surgery and healing process had particularly good odds. Pokey was able to have her leg fixed and despite the metal plate in her leg, she got around without a hitch! Pokey spent practically no time on the adoption floor before finding her forever family who spoil her endlessly.