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grey cat wearing yellow cast on leg

Medical Care

Provides funding for professional veterinary care of Shelter pets suffering from injury, illness or abuse. Includes many life-saving surgeries and procedures to improve the adoptability of Shelter pets.

Dental Treatment

Provides dental care for senior pets with grade 3 or higher periodontal disease.


Parasite Prevention

Launched in 2015, this is a program through which all dogs, cats and rabbits receive a parasite prevention protocol upon admission to the Shelter.

black cat

Community Cat Spay & Neuter

Funds spay and neuter surgeries for free-roaming cats, helping to reduce the problem of pet overpopulation.

female in uniform holding dog

Collar, I.D., Tag & Leash

Provides collars and personalized I.D. tags for all adopted cats and dogs. Additionally, all dogs receive a brand new six-foot leash.

Finnigan the dog wearing a navy polka-dotted bowtie

Emergency Life-Saving Care

Your donations to Friends and Finnigan’s Fund are crucial to saving lives.

Senior Pets & Pawfax

Pays medical expenses for pets in hospice care through the foster program, and for diagnostic tests through the new Pawfax program.