Top 10 reasons to adopt a senior cat

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Top 10 reasons

Senior Cats Rule

When you adopt a mature feline, you’re bringing a pet in your home that is:

  1. THANKFUL: When senior cats are adopted, they seem to understand that they’ve been rescued, and are all the more thankful for it.
  2. PREDICTABLE: A senior cat’s personality has already developed, so you’ll know if he or she is a good fit for your family.
  3. TRAINABLE: You can teach an old cat new tricks-senior cats have the attention span and impulse control that makes them easier to train than their youthful counterparts.
  4. COURTEOUS: A senior cat may very well already know basic household etiquette (like not attacking your feet at night)!
  5. FASTIDIOUS: Senior cats are often already litter trained and are less likely to “forget” where the box is.
  6. GROWNUP: A senior cat won’t grow any larger, so you’ll know exactly how much cat you’re getting.
  7. CONTENT: Senior cats are often content to just relax in your company, unlike younger cats, who may get into mischief because they’re bored.
  8. PEACEFUL: Speaking of relaxing, senior cats make great napping buddies.
  9. RESPECTFUL: Senior cats often know that scratching posts (not furniture) are for scratching and toys (not hands or feet) are for biting.
  10. GRATEFUL: Senior cats are some of the hardest to find homes for — so when you adopt a senior cat, you’re truly saving a life.