Make a difference in the life of a shelter pet!

Help animals waiting to be adopted at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter find new, loving homes! Sponsoring a shelter pet is a great way to see your donation in action. Our Shelter Pet Sponsorship Program matches you with shelter pets in order to increase adoptions and save lives.

There are three types of pet sponsorship:

  • Adoption scholarship donation. Offset a portion of the adoption fees for your selected sponsor pet.
  • Media sponsorship. Get them noticed! With your gift of $25, we will pay to advertise your selected pet’s adoption by boosting a post with their picture and story on social media.
  • Behavioral rehabilitation donation. Give a needy dog a week of training and socialization outside the shelter.

How to sponsor a shelter pet:

  1. Visit to see the shelter’s list of adoptable pets.
  2. Read the Pet Sponsorship Agreement below.
  3. Register for sponsorship . At registration, you can include the name of an animal you’d like to sponsor, or leave it blank and we’ll pick out an animal for you.
  4.  FFCAS will work with the shelter to put your sponsorship in place within a week after receiving your registration.


Pet sponsorship agreement

  • If you didn’t choose a pet to sponsor at registration, or if your selected pet has already been adopted, we will choose another pet for you.
  • Help us advocate for the adoption of your sponsor pet! Share a post on your social media and talk to your friends and neighbors about your sponsor pet. If you’re a business, consider sharing information about your sponsored pet on your website or in your company newsletter.

As part of the Sponsorship Program, FFCAS will:

  • Work with the Fairfax County Animal Shelter to inform front desk staff about the sponsorship and to post a sign on your sponsored pet’s kennel or condo with your name and sponsorship details.
  • Place a note in your sponsored pet’s online adoption listing to highlight the pet’s reduced adoption fee and your sponsorship of the pet.
  • Monthly, we post photos of all sponsored animals on

We will do our best to ensure your donation benefits the pet you’ve selected. However, if this is not possible, we will use your donation to support other needy animals at the shelter. It may take up to a week to process your sponsorship(s).

Sponsor a Shelter Pet