Rabbit spay & neuter: A win-win for owners and pets

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There are few things in this world cuter than a baby bunny, making them a popular choice for many families. And while rabbits can make wonderful pets, many owners overlook the importance of spaying and neutering their furry-friends.

Population Control

Rabbits start out all cute and fuzzy with big eyes and ears — adorable, right? But by the time that baby gets to be an adolescent, he’s raging with hormones and fixated on just one thing! If there’s a girl bunny handy we all know what to expect. A month later there are lots more bunnies in the world, and finding good homes for them canbe even harder than finding homes for dogs and cats.

Sadly, some owners release unwanted rabbits into the woods, unaware that most domestic rabbits only survive a few days in the wild.

Curb Behavioral Problems

Hormonal male rabbits can be a real pain to live with. They may spray urine to mark their territory, or try to mate with anything — including your hand! Girls are not angelic teenagers either, often becoming quite protective of their space and nipping when it gets invaded. Many unaltered bunnies are turned into the shelter for behavioral reasons.

For girl rabbits, spaying is a life-saving surgery

Overwhelming Health Benefits

Originally domesticated for their fur and meat, rabbits were not bred to live long and happy lives as pets. Because of this, female rabbits have a fatal genetic flaw. If not spayed by age three, female rabbits have an 80% chance of developing reproductive system cancers.

There are several exotic vets in Fairfax County that can help you decide if spaying or neutering is right for your bunny-friend. Needless to say, FFCAS is heartily in favor of spaying and neutering pet rabbits and support programs to help get more rabbits spayed and neutered.


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