Companies are helping their employees support meaningful causes through the following:

Matching Gifts

This is a common way that large employers support the generosity of employees. Your gift (as the employee) is matched, typically dollar-for-dollar, with a corporate gift to the same nonprofit.

Volunteer Grants

Growing in popularity, some employers provide grants to the nonprofit at which the you (the employee) volunteer at. Some employers will allow you to volunteer while on their clock!

Community Grants

Nonprofits can apply for corporate grants directly, though often the grant application must be submitted by employee referral.

How does your employer support the community?

Here are some ways you can find out:

  • For national or international corporations, look for answers on the corporate website.
  • Ask your human resources representative.

Don’t count yourself out if you work for a small business, or if you are part-time or retired. Some of Friends’ best corporate supporters are small, local businesses. Additionally, many of Friends’ top silent auction items are donated by small businesses and local franchises. Furthermore, Friends receives corporate matches on behalf of retirees and part-time workers.

Whether you are looking to deepen your support for Friends or for another nonprofit, it never hurts to ask if your employer would like to join your effort!

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