Do You Remember Georgie?

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Last year, Georgie was surrendered to the Fairfax County Animal Shelter after an accident left him with limited mobility; his owners did not have the resources to support his recovery. At the Shelter’s request, Friends funded aquatic therapy and acupuncture to aid in his recovery. Before long, Georgie was adopted by a very special family who continued his therapies. Georgie’s wonderful mom, Alyssa, tells us:

He’s making amazing progress, gaining feeling, range of motion and stability! He can stand on his own for short periods of time and wag his tail! He’s determined to chase all the squirrels! Thank you so much for your partnership with Aquatic Paws (Lisa & her husband are amazing) and Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates.

Thank you to everyone who helped Georgie recover and find his wonderful, forever family!

Georgie the dog