Adoption events save lives. And you can help!

Sample of a shelter promotion
Businesses can sponsor adoption events (like this one in 2015). It gives local companies an opportunity to help homeless animals in our community.

Through the Adoption Event Support program, businesses and individuals can provide donations that directly fund adoption events at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter. This program is a successful way to help animals in need find loving, permanent homes.

Support adoption events

Individuals or organizations can make contributing donations to the Adoption Event Support program. Donations can be made in denominations of $25, $50, $100 or $500.

Adoption Event Support donations are used to lower adoption fees and to promote upcoming adoption events.

Sponsor an entire adoption event

A donation of $3,000 will support an entire adoption event, including half-off adoption fees for every animal in the shelter, marketing support, and any items related to the event’s theme, such as snacks.

In return for their generous support, event sponsors recieve:

  • The opportunity to add their name and logo to the event marketing materials
  • Mentions and tagging on social media
  • Additional recognition in our list of Adoption Event Supporters below.

The fund is ongoing, so any funds remaining after an adoption event will be used for future events.


Many thanks to our Adoption Event Supporters:

Alyssa Michnick
Bernadette Carter
Cameo Kitchens, Inc.
Claude, Muffin & Zach
Deloitte Consulting – Federal BTA Class
Dena Cuellar
Fairfield Technologies, Inc.
Jenny Meisenheimer
Jim and Sharon Lacey
Jeanne Lavelle
Joanie Merker
Laura Shugrue
Lee & Kelly Duer
Marti Giella
Mello, Speedy & Lisa Chang
Michelle Barratt Shea
Mitch & Bonnie Shapiro
Monique Lukacs
Shawn Crisp, Fairfax County Animal Advocates member
The Schwartz Family
The Smith Family